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5 reasons for which it is worth working with us:

1. Our employees work in a good atmosphere

It is not any marketing argument, but data confirmed by anonymous employee opinion surveys. Not only do we respect and support each other, but also enjoy working with each other, as it is simply good to work in our teams.

2. We are a group of companies

What may this mean to you personally? That means that although you start working e.g. in the accounting department, e.g. when you get hooked on any other field (tax, audit, personnel services, payroll processing services, law, consultancy), you always have an opportunity to move to a relevant department and try your hand at working here. Thus, opportunities of development mean not only climbing up the ladder, but also covering the breadth of the ladder as part of our specialization.

3. We work for known and prestigious clients

In our company you may work both for international companies and for local players. We provide service to well-known brands – smaller and larger ones, and the variety of brands of our clients makes you an expert in your field after a several years, but regardless of the sector. You are able to advise a FMCG company, insurance company, manufacturing company as well as IT company or construction company equally well. This is what being an expert means!

4. We have a wide social package

In our company you have a lunch break included in the working time and you may work in a flexible system of working hours – you enter and leave the office in a given time interval and at 9.00 a.m. nobody will control whether you are already in the office or not. We trust our employees and we know that they control their work schedule. As part of the package you may use private medical care, sports card, group insurance and language courses. You may choose whatever you want!

5. You have a real opportunity of development

People who hold managerial positions and manage teams are employees who started from the most basic positions. The career path is a real opportunity. And what if you do not want to be a manager in the future? You do not have to – we will develop you as an expert.


You have not found an offer interesting for you? Send us your CV with information what you are interested in. We will contact you when we need a person having your qualifications

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Contract Administration

Masarykova 34/413
602 00 Brno
✆: +420 542 425 824

Contract Administration

ul. Hrubieszowska 2
01-209 Varšava
✆: +48 22 295 3200

Contract Administration

City Business Center 5 Karadžicova 16
821 08 Bratislava
✆: +421 901 911 197

Contract Administration

ul. Strzegomska 142A
54-429 Vratislav
✆: +48 71 733 1300

Contract Administration

ul. Smoleńsk 18/1
31-112 Krakov
✆: +48 12 334 9100

Contract Administration

ul. Nawrot 114
90-029 Lodž
✆: +48 42 671 8560

Contract Administration

U Garáží 1611/1 Praha 7 Holešovice
✆: +420 221 111 611

Česká republika

Brno, Praha


Varšava, Vratislav, Krakov, Lodž



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